Key #5: Responsible Decisions

Some students may be afraid of risking rejection, failure, or embarrassment; they need to learn to assess if the reward obtained is worth the risk of discomfort, and find their own boundaries in the process.

Key #4: Relationship Skills conversation you have to actively interpret and respond to someone else’s verbal and physical input, as well as your own. It also requires a solid grasp on social norms. You have to make appropriate eye contact, maintain a good physical distance, maintain volume control, be polite (and we all know that varies by situation), ask follow up questions—all while having to process their words in real time and give your own input!

The Blank Slate

I’ve had people tell me that I trivialize bad behavior. How can I just let go and not address negative actions? Don’t they need to be held accountable for their choices? Doesn’t every instance of undesirable activity need to be addressed? Maybe.